Loipmayer: Gugelhupf als Geschenk aus Wien, Österreich

The crowned “Guglhupf”

Loipmayer: traditional bakery, cake as a present

Loipmayer Guglhupf from - Austria

Everyone loves Guglhupf

For centuries Austria has been cultivating a high quality of pastry and confectionery in the “Mehlspeis-Land” Austria. In addition to the Sachertorte, the Apple Strudel and the Kaiserschmarren, the Guglhupf also has a firm place in the sweet Austrian table culture.

“Loipmayer Original” stands for high-quality, handcrafted bakery art from Austria. In doing so, Loipmayer refines the “Guglhupf” especially as beloved, well-known and above all typical Austrian baking specialty.

All Loipmayer “Guglhüpfe” are produced by hand on the basis of traditional recipes and exquisite ingredients in “Kurkonditorei”-Quality in Austrias most eastern region, the “Burgenland”. The special staging takes place through the unique, hexagonal packaging in high-quality gift boxes, which makes the Loipmayer Guglhupf a very special gourmet product and gift.

handcrafted bakery art from Austria



Schönbrunner Guglhupf by Loipmayer, Austria

Loipmayer Schönbrunner Guglhupf

The fine-fluffy sponge cake Guglhupf with delicate marbling. The classic drawing is created by the use of light dough, in which by hand a dark mass in the baking pan is subjected. In addition, chocolate pieces are also baked. Not only visually but also tasting a culmination at the coffee table.

Available in 350 and 150 grams.

Ringstraßen Guglhupf by Loipmayer, Austria

Loipmayer Ringstraßen Guglhupf

This juicy dark Guglhupf is created from a careful mixture of chocolate and cocoa, in which Loipmayer bakes fine chocolate pieces as a specialty. This traditional chocolate Guglhupf enjoys since long times as a unique, sweet delicacy with great popularity.

Available in 350 and 150 grams.

Walzer Guglhupf by Loipmayer, Austria

Loipmayer Walzer Guglhupf

As a fine, balanced composition of light, fruity mass and dark, chocolatey mass presents itself this special Guglhupf. The special half / half combination of the two flavors provides a unique pleasure experience, which would also have been enjoyed by Waltz King Johann Strauss. This cake combination is a perfect greeting from the music capital of Vienna.

Available in 350 and 150 grams.

Carynthian Reindling by Loipmayer, Austria

Loipmayer Carinthian Reindling

This cake is a very old unique specialty and is made by Loipmayer in the traditional way – with lots of raisins and cinnamon. The preparation is elaborate – the result is a sweet poem. Due to its special taste, the succulent Carinthian Reindling has a worthy place in Loipmayer’s cake assortment.

Available in 350 grams.

Pannonetone by Loipmayer, Austria

Loipmayer Pannonetone

What the Panettone is for the Italians, the “Pannonetone” is for the “Burgenländer”. The “Pannonetone” got its name from the regions name “Pannonia”. Traditionally baked directly in the paper cuff, this regional confectionery specialty convinces with a juicy yeast dough, a tasty nut filling and baked chocolate lentils. For lovers of yeasty delicacies a very special treat.

Available in 350 grams.

Apricot Guglhupf from Loipmayer, Österreich

Loipmayer Marillen Guglhupf

This exceptionally juicy Guglhupf from Loipmayer pays homage to the fine taste of the Wachau apricot. The mass of this cake specialty consists of a finely balanced light dough and impresses with its fruity aromas. As a special feature, a ring of delicious apricot marrow is added to the dough and then carefully baked. The result is a fruity fresh taste experience and a treat for every occasion.

Available in 350 and 150 grams.

Seasonal assortment

Christmas Guglhupf by Loipmayer, Austria

Loipmayer Christmas Guglhupf

Selected candied fruits in a fine mixture of flour mass refined with almonds and Christmas spices – this is how the festive baking specialty of Loipmayer presents itself. As a seasonal highlight this artful Guglhupf enchants every Christmas-laid table. In addition, this extraordinary art piece is a popular Christmas present.

Available in 350 grams, 700 grams on special order.

Shelf life (MHD) for all products: 40 days.


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